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Our expertise extends from Complimenting Hospital Information Systems, EMRs, Employee Leave Management, Asset Management and custom based projects Healthcare IT consultancy.

Why We?

Healthcare Informatics is at the cutting edge of technology where the frontiers are confusing, blurred or unknown. There are thousands of providers in the fray, each vying for your precious time. Selling Solution is one-time support is the complete life cycle of the ERP. We ease the complication arrive in HIS by interfacing plug ins through our application support.

What we work

Compliment to HIS
Compliment to HIS will come into the picture where already a HIS ERP is running with so many functional gaps, wherein principal company not able to provide a required solution. We been a domain functional technical expert, provide a solution to compliment the HIS.

Studying the existing database structure provides a pug-in application using the latest technology like mobile App, SMS solutions.

How we work
We sit with you, understand the problem and document what you need, how to go about it, how you would be involved, how much time it would take and how much it would cost. Everything transparent – everything upfront. We would ensure that you would understand the solution put forward and the reasons for doing so that the solution would be truly YOUR solution.

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