10 Influential Web Designing Trends of 2020

10 Influential Web Designing Trends of 2020

10 Influential Web Designing Trends of 2020


As the saying goes, change is the only constant. Reviving web design in the web designing industry serves as the breath of fresh air and breaks the monotony of the previously used web designs. This revival of designs can benefit the traffic on your website.

It’s time to say goodbye to your old web design and renew it with the latest web designs. With your changed and impressive web designs, you can keep your visitors engaged to your website.

Changing the website design is necessary for keeping the website upgraded with the latest web designing trends to have a relevant website design.

In 2020 these web designing trends are likely to be in vogue:


1. Animation:

People are familiar with animation and it is not a new concept. Having animations on the website in the form of the navigation menu, call to action button can add an interesting facet to your site.

You should know when you want to use animation on your website as using it can be tricky. Animation should serve a purpose to your website and not interfere with the content.

Animation is used to increase usability where it can be used to guide users to click on a button or lead the users to take the next step in their user journey.


2. 3D Components:

3D elements are captivating as it’s an infrequent element in the website design domain. With 3D animation, you can enthral users and make them understand your business by highlighting your products on the website.

3D elements bring the images into reality on a person’s computer screen, laptop, tablet or phone where they can experience viewing the products as they would in real life.


3. Minimalistic Designs:

Today the approach towards modern web design has changed. Designers believe in the concept of “less is more.” Minimalism helps to focus on design and makes the task of the user simpler. Minimalist designs give a clean look to your website and reduce the bounce rate.

To follow the minimalistic approach, a designer has to prioritise the essential elements, barring the not so important elements or those elements that can cause a distraction to your users.

A picture or content should be included only when it’s necessary and should have a purpose to make the message clear. The design of the website should revolve around the content by leaving amply visible elements for the users to prevent them from getting confused.


4. Gradients:

Gradients transit from one colour to another. The popular example of a gradient style is the logo of Instagram. It starts from indigo and gets transitioned into purple, dark pink, orange and yellow. Gradient style was used to create semi-realistic surfaces.

With the rise of flat design, the web designing industry has transitioned to gradient style for displaying some depth in the designs. Gradients work as a background for content, as colour filters over images or illustrations or for accentuating some functional elements like call to action buttons.


5. Dark Mode:

Dark mode has become prevalent. From social media platforms to mobile phones, laptops all have a dark mode option. Switching from the traditional white and bright coloured theme to dark mode has become a rage for many users.

Using the dark mode has two vital benefits:
a) it reduces eye strain by adjusting the brightness of the mobile screen.
b) it conserves the battery of the devices by reducing the use of light pixels.


6. Abstract Illustrations:

An abstract illustration is an exaggerated portrayal of various human features like eyes, nose, and other environmental elements. Your brand can stand out by using custom illustrations as it can be a USP of your brand. Your contemporaries can copy your colour scheme or font but not your illustration style.

The abstract illustrations have the power to express emotions and invite visitors by captivating their attention and keeping them engaged.

While using abstract illustrations, you have to make sure that the audience understands what you are trying to convey and your message shouldn’t get lost.

Illustrations that will have more abstractness will be considered as an art and will be of no value to your business as a functional element.


7. Geometric Shapes:

Geometric shapes are a powerful asset that allows designers to create more visually appealing compositions, futuristic facet and a touch of boldness to the website design.

The purpose of geometry in web design is to make navigation easy for the users, framing the content to highlight it to the users and make the website visually appealing without overwhelming the website design.

Squares, rectangles, circles, triangles, rhombus, hexagon are some of the shapes that can be used by learning what each shape signifies. Also, you can wisely mix and match shapes that complement each other using the right colours to create a correct impression.

You can also incorporate geometric designs with other web design trends like gradients.


8. Emotions Depicting Design:

Web design is the means to communicate with your audience and deliver information. But there’s one aspect that is always missing and that is emotions. Good web design focuses on great usability along with the accurate emotional impact.

You can add humour in your design to your web design to have interactions with your users or can add a simple animated effect depicting emotions for amusing interaction.


9. Videos For The Win:

For the longest time, the designers have used static imagery to convey the message. With the usage of videos on the home pages of the website, it makes the users’ experience more dynamic.

Videos engage users and are willing to spend time to watch video clips. Video clips in the home page can vary from a few seconds of looped video or full-length video with audio.


10. Voice User Interface:

Voice User Interface design is the future of web design. With the advent of Alexa and Google Assistant people have become more open to this technology. Through Voice User Interface, you can communicate with the website by giving voice commands.

Although it is not directly connected to web design, this trend brings convenience and flexibility to your website and ensures that it is accessible to physically challenged people.

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