11 Questions You Should Ask Before a Website Redesign

11 Questions You Should Ask Before a Website Redesign

There might be a few things that you or your users might want to change on your website. But do those things call for a full-scale website redesign ?

When you want to redesign your website, you need to always ask, “why?” As web designing is a labour of commitment, hard work, and time. It’s essential to realise the time to redesign your website. It would help if you asked questions for a website redesign.

It would be best if you asked these questions before redesigning your website or else you may end up paying the piper.

Website Redesign Questions


  1. Can Everyone Access My Site?

Google has emphasised accessibility, where everyone can access and enjoy the web. Google has a tool called Lighthouse, which runs a check on your site to check its performance and issues with accessibility. It also recommends steps to improve the website, shows possible errors, issues that affect SEO and, most importantly, shows what you need to fix so that everyone can use your site comfortably. 

You can get sued by not following the accessibility standards. But keeping that aside, you need to implement it for inclusivity purposes as everybody deserves to access the internet.

  1. Is My Site Secure?

You should make your website secure considering the number of internet hacks that are taking place these days. Also, Google recommends making your site secure. If a trustworthy hosting partner doesn’t host your website using a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) or protecting it with a Web Application Firewall (WAF), your site is vulnerable to various web threats.

  1. Is It Suitable To My Audience:

Your site is solely for your audience and it needs to communicate with them to get a response from your audience for which you can define a buyer persona. By creating a buyer persona, you can know who your potential customers are by knowing their behavioural aspects, preference, what they expect from your site, etc.   

Now when you know your customers, you can transform your design of the website in a way that appeals to your users. Adjusting your site according to your audience,  helps in improving brand loyalty, customer retention and conversion rates.

  1. Is My Site Easy To Navigate?

Visitors visit your site to find answers, and if they don’t find what they are looking for, they will bounce back from your website. This phenomenon, in turn, affects their personal experience on the website and the rank of your site on the SERPs.

An easy to navigate site allows your users to access content easily without having them search harder to browse around your site. You should also keep in mind that the page load time is quick as it impacts your users’ experience.  

Failing to provide the correct information and delivering a poor user experience harms bounce rates, engagement metrics and organic performance. Make sure that you design an interactive website that is easy to navigate.

  1. What Is The Goal of My Website?

You need to specify the goals you want to achieve with the help of your website. Some examples are as follows:

“Make the website readable on mobile devices.”

“Make it easier for visitors to subscribe to newsletters.”

“Promote events to boost sales.”

“Encourage readers to share events on social media, increasing your social network.”

“Inform visitors to gain trust.”

Your website should be designed and developed in a way that serves the purpose of your business objective.

  1. Is My Site Mobile-Friendly?

Mobile-friendly web design provides an optimal viewing experience on various devices like smartphones and tablets. A mobile responsive site responds and adjusts to the screen size of the device we use.

Google also recommends having mobile responsive sites to help them perform well in the SERPs and keeping both mobile and desktop users content.

  1. Is My Site Structure Good?

Before renovating a home, you decide what you want to renovate like you want to repaint the walls, change the rexine of the sofas etc. and not think about which colours you want to paint your rooms with. Similarly, you need to decide what elements of the website you want to change like make it mobile responsive, improve typography, improve site speed etc. and not think of the colour patterns of the site. The crux is that you need to focus on bigger stuff first and then on the smaller things.

  1. Is Your Site Using The Right CMS?

Your website hangs by a thread if it doesn’t work on a CMS in 2020. And if it is working on a CMS, you must use a correct CMS which isn’t outdated or is difficult to operate for your developers.

Switching to a CMS as WordPress or Drupal proves beneficial as it provides many benefits, but it is likely to impact the budget of the project. Also, you have to keep in consideration that you need time to train the developers to master the new CMS.   

  1. Is My Site Manageable?

If your website is hard to manage for your developers and content loaders, then it’s time for a website revamp. It costs you money for making the bug fixed by your developer and also managing your site. So it is suggested to get a website overhaul which will be worthwhile in the long run and will have long term savings.

  1. Which Websites Do I Find Inspirational?

You can refer to websites that you admire. While doing so, you can make observations about what elements of the site you like on those websites and can implement them on your website. You don’t have to make a replica of the referred sites but make an original site by gaining inspiration from them.

  1. Does My Site Reflect My Brand?

A site is your online identity. It should reflect what business you are into. The design, tone, appearance, logo of your website should reflect your brand and if it doesn’t do that, then it’s time you did a website redesign.

A website redesign gives your old and stale website a new and fresh look that will appeal to your audience and will boost sales. To make your website redesign a successful feat, you need to ask the right questions to get led in the right direction.

Trinity Unicepts is a website development company that will ease your journey of a website redesign. Moreover, we provide services for digital marketing and eCommerce development. If you have any ideas for a project, we will love to discuss it with you.

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