Beginner’s guide to small businesses who are looking for website development

Beginner’s guide to small businesses who are looking for website development

In today’s day and age, a website for a business has become essential. Every newly established company first builds a website as it validates the existence of the company. Eight out of ten people trust a business that has a website than a business that doesn’t.

A website adds credibility to your business and your clients can interact with your business virtually. You can make the grade in your business by having a website for your firm.

Read further to know all the hacks.

The Website Should Be Neat: Your website should not be disarrayed but should be simple yet attractive. Neatness in your website gives you an advantage over your competitors. The website’s content should not be cluttered that it makes the site look untidy. The main aim with which a website should be developed is to provide an excellent viewing experience.

SEO Friendly: SEO friendly websites let the search engines to crawl each page of your website and content to make it rank higher on search engines. A good SEO friendly CMS can be used for website development for its future maintenance.

Contact Details Should Be Noticeable: Adding contact details of your business is a mandatory protocol to follow. A separate page for contact details should be made to give the website visitors access to it easily. The contact page should have a phone number, email address, the physical address of the company, directions of the address along with a map and hours of working of the company.

Mobile-Friendly: Mobile-friendly websites mean the website will adapt to the screen of the mobiles on which it is viewed. A study found that a global percentage of mobile traffic out of total internet web traffic was 47.76% in February 2019. Therefore, it becomes compulsory for your website to be mobile-friendly and be responsive when used on any device.

Marketing: A website plays a significant role in the marketing of your company. It should look in sync with the product or service you are selling. The images and graphics used on the website should coordinate with the color scheme of the website.

Unique Designs: The design of your website should represent your business. Using conventional designs will not give the desired impact to your site. The navigation for the visitors should be simple and easy. No obstacles should come in between reaching Point B from Point A. Thus; a user-friendly will make you go a long way.

Quick loading: Visitors prefer websites that take minimum time to load. If your site takes too much time to load, the visitors will get frustrated. Due to which you might lose on your potential customers. The site should get a load between 2 to 5 seconds.

Showcase the products: The products or services of your company should be displayed in an accessible manner where the visitor can see the products. If the website is cluttered and the visitors don’t find your products, then it’s very likely for them to exit your website without making a purchase.

Choose a domain name: A domain name is an identity of your company on the web. Keep the domain short and make it easy to pronounce. It should be easy to remember.

SSL Certificate: It is compulsory if you are inclined towards doing paid marketing activities which will cost you between 3000 to 5000 per year.

Original Content & Stock Images: Content should be original and should pass the test of plagiarism. When using images, avoid using Google images and images of your competitors, and always use licensed images.

XML SiteMap: A proper XML sitemap acts as a roadmap of your website, which leads Google to all your relevant pages. XML sitemaps can be useful for SEO, as they allow Google to find your essential website pages quickly, even if your internal linking isn’t perfect.

Google My Business Listing: Your business will benefit from Google My Business Listing. It is a must-have for local SEO as your business will get listed on search engines with the number of your company and directions to your address.

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