Content is the king

Content is the king

Just imagine a website full of visuals, images and zero text! Now would you scroll it for more than a few seconds? No, Right? That’s exactly why content is essential. It makes the readers understand what your website is all about.

A website without content is of no use to neither google nor the visitors. The thing which makes the site relevant to google is CONTENT. Content is an essential aspect Google considers while ranking your webpage or website.

So now you know the importance of content and how can it affect your business.

But mere content won’t make much difference. Wait, let me rephrase it. RELEVANT AND QUALITY CONTENT IS THE KING. You should never write content for the mere sake of writing it. Remember, the visitor will stay on your website and take necessary action only if he/she understands your website.

Should You Start Writing Content For Your Website Now?

The answer is Yes because

It makes Google Aware of your business Based on the content, Google figures out what your website is all about. And accordingly, Google will rank your website on every search query that will be relevant to your content. So, even if your website is appealing, irrelevant content won’t drive traffic to your site.

It Educates People About Your Website Simple, if a website wants to sell something, it has to inform people what it is all about. That information will be provided through the content. The content helps not only the visitors but also the search engine in understanding the website.

It helps you rank higher on Google If given an option about who to list between a website with obsolete content and a website with fresh and relevant content, Google will always rank the fresh content. Google wants visitors to get fully satisfied by the result of their query. So Google crawlers always prioritize new and updated content in terms of ranking.

SEO And Content Updating regular content on your website boosts your SEO in a way you have never imagined. Using relevant search terms in your content and internally linking related blogs can rank you higher on google. And everyone is aware of the benefits of a higher rank. Also, publishing excellent content can make your site a reliable and growing backlink profile in the long run.

Tool for Increased Sales Updating regular content builds your brand and creates your position in the market. As more and more people get exposed to your brand, content becomes a great tool to convert them into potential customers. A Call To Action after the content can help you generate leads. Also, this practice increases customer engagement
So, now you know why content is the king. Content has always been one, but still, some people are unaware of the wonders content marketing can do for them.

We know regularly publishing content is not as easy as it sounds, but it’s not impossible too. Remember! Consistency and Quality are key. None of the two should be compromised or ignored. Just start and believe me, the results will surprise you for good.

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