The drop in the sales of the vernacular magazine due to the COVID – 19 Case Study: How we increase the sales of the magazine?

The drop in the sales of the vernacular magazine due to the COVID – 19  Case Study: How we increase the sales of the magazine?

Our Client: Due to Covid -19, our client, who owns a well known vernacular magazine, faced a challenge in the business as the printing services were shut. The audience was at home and was online. To attract the clients online, we used various strategies for our client’s magazine that covers everything, including solutions for relationships, health and fitness, intimacy, beauty, recipes, entertainment and more.

Challenges: Our client aimed to increase traffic on their website that would increase in the sales of their e-book. 

Most of the pages of the client’s website were not able to increase the engagement rate. The Pages had the highest exit rates due to many SEO and UX/UI factors. It was a challenge to identify a data matrix in Google Analytics due to its 5000 live pages on the site.

Solution: We took to SEO techniques to meet the challenges of our client. We carried out various activities to give satisfaction to our client by starting with website analysis followed by e-book promotion and more.

Website Analysis: With website analysis, we checked user engagement by analysing which page got the most traffic and tried to understand what the audience was looking for, which could be implemented in other pages as well.

Content length: During our research, we found that the content had become obsolete and was not crisp enough to get the customers enticed to the site. Hence, we updated the content and made it precise and informative.

E-book promotion: To increase the sales of the e-book, we ran advertisements to reach a broad audience.

A/B testing: We did A/B testing on the CTA buttons by two different names to check which button got more clicks.

Discount: We applied a discount offer to their e-books to attract customers and urge them to buy the e-books.

Moreover, we also used content category identification, content optimization, server speed optimization to reach the client’s business objective.


By applying these techniques, Trinity Unicepts got its client 2700+ active visitors on their website and got 41.5% new visitors.

Our client was satisfied with the results of our efforts and mindful plan of action. If you, too, are facing some hurdles in your business, you can contact us and we will comply with your business needs and help you overcome the obstacles.

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