Facebook Advertisements VS. Google Ads

Facebook Advertisements VS. Google Ads

Facebook and Google Ads are two influential advertising platforms in their own right. Facebook Advertising is based on the demographics and behaviour information of the audience and is displayed on various social media feeds. Google Ads, on the other hand, works by targeting specific keywords to make the results appear in Google search. These advertising platforms are capable of building brand awareness to generating leads.

Now the question is which advertising platform will suit well for your business? We will help you choose one platform that meets the needs of your business.

Firstly let’s find why online marketing has become so essential.

It is estimated that 70.7% of sales in India will be online. Every buyer first searches Google to buy a product or a service. It has become an ingrained habit to search for anything and everything on Google.

If you want to kickstart your business’s result, then you can include both Facebook and Google ads in your strategy.

Google Ads: Businesses who want to advertise using pay per click ads can use Google Ads, which will be able to show their business on the google search. Google ads work by targeting keywords that suits well for a product or service. Google may not be of much use to create brand awareness and generate leads by filling a form.

Facebook Advertising: Facebook advertising provides functionalities of setting an ad budget, ad run time and ad placement. The targeting method of Facebook is different from that of Google’s. It targets the audience on the parameters of demographics, behavior, and interest.

When the parameters are targeted wisely and discreetly, Facebook ads can build brand awareness, generate leads and bring conversions to your business tremendously.

Difference between Google Ads Facebook Advertising: Google ads prove fruitful for products or services that have increasing demand from consumers, E.g., Plumber. Also, Google only shows the results when asked. Whereas, Facebook advertising shows ads to the targeted audience, which some of the audience wouldn’t need. E.g., A coffee maker.

Facebook or Google: What is Made For You? Both Facebook and Google are effective advertising platforms. There’s no point of comparison between the two due to the difference of operation of these ad platforms. Though both the platforms share some similarities, they should be viewed as contemporary and not competitors.

If your business has the requirements of getting the best of both worlds, then using Google and Facebook shrewdly will help gain the wanted profits and ROI. The results of both depend on the ad creatives, ad budget, and targeting.

Here are the points through which you can decide which platform is suitable for your business: If you want to increase brand awareness, social presence, and generate leads, then Facebook is your go-to option. If you want to sell products or services, both platforms can be useful.

Many businesses find it a task to create and manage ad campaigns that end up in wastage of money and time spent to create these ad campaigns. If you don’t want to waste your valuable time and money to delve into the unknown, Trinity Unicepts will help you by managing your ad campaigns.

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